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Chicken broth with veal, quail eggs, veal and fettuccine

Broth with veal, pasta and quail egg

56.00грн. 310.00 г

Meat soup with ham, bacon and beef with vegetables and Grana Padano cheese

Carcerato meat soup

113.00грн. 370.00 г

Tomato-based soup, squid, salmon fillets and black mussels

Ear in Marseilles

126.00грн. 350.00 г

Cream of mushroom soup with cream and rosemary

Mushroom cream soup

73.00грн. 320.00 г

Soup based on pumpkin, fresh vegetables, chanterelles and truffle oil

Pumpkin cream soup with chanterelles and truffle oil

94.00грн. 320.00 г

Суп на основі гарбуза, свіжих овочів, вершків, спецій і кукурудзи

Pumpkin cream soup with tiger prawns

94.00грн. 320.00 г

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