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Butterfly paste with cream sauce, salmon fillet, olives, cherry tomatoes and Grana Padano cheese

Farfalle with salmon and olives

152.00грн. 280.00 г

Farfalle pasta with roasted veal, corn, bell peppers. Tabasco sauce and Gran Padano cheese

Farfalle with veal in tomato sauce

128.00грн. 350.00 г

Italian pasta with fried chicken fillet in a creamy mushroom sauce

Fettuccine with chicken fillet and mushrooms

92.00грн. 270.00 г

Wide flat pasta with mixed spinach, creamy mushroom sauce with grilled veal

Pappardelle with veal medallions with mushroom sauce

146.00грн. 320.00 г

Classic pasta with fried bacon, Grana Padano cheese and cream sauce with chicken egg

Pasta Carbonara

98.00грн. 270.00 г

Fettuccine with fried chanterelles and spinach in combination with Dor Blue cheese and Grana Padano

Pasta with chanterelles and Dor Blue cheese

127.00грн. 270.00 г

Ravioli stuffed with chicken fillet and onions in spinach dough with Dor Blue sauce

Ravioli with chicken and Dor-Blue sauce

128.00грн. 250.00 г

Ravioli with tiger prawns and cream cheese, with spicy vinaigrette sauce and slices of Grana Padano cheese

Ravioli with tiger prawns

128.00грн. 230.00 г

Spaghetti pasta with fried shrimp, Chilean mussels, squid with olives, butter, white wine and Grana Padano cheese

Spaghetti with seafood

184.00грн. 350.00 г

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