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Red Velvet Cake is an amazing combination of juicy cakes with delicate cream

"Red Velvet"

74.00грн. 130.00 г

Cheesecake with mango jelly and chocolate topping

Cheesecake Mango

79.00грн. 130.00 г


Cheesecake New York

79.00грн. 130.00 г

Combination of banana, canned pineapple and white milk chocolate and mousse

Dessert "Tropical Paradise"

74.00грн. 120.00 г

Classic Italian dessert with Mascarpone cheese, Savoyardi cookies, coffee and cream liqueur

Dessert Tiramisu

74.00грн. 145.00 г

Cream with Dor Blue cheese and caramelized pear

Panna cotta with Dor Blue cheese

79.00грн. 140.00 г

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