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Fermented veal, pork neck, chicken fillet, baked potatoes, combined with Caesar sauce and BBQ

Assorted meat at the company

430 537.00грн. 860.00 г 170 г /100 г

Tiger prawns, mussels in shells and squid in combination with Tar-Tar sauce and a mix of greens

Assorted seafood

446.00грн. 425.00 г

Munich sausage, chicken sausage, Turengen sausage with mustard and barbecue sauce

Grill set Sausages

351 439.00грн. 980.00 г 100 г

Fried ribs with French fries and berry sauce and French mustard

Rib strip with french fries

351 439.00грн. 800.00 г 140 г /100 г

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