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Brie, Mimolet, Grana Padano, Dor Blue, with balsamic caramel

Assorted cheese

219.00грн. 140.00 г

Coppa, Salami Cacciatore, Prosciutto, Fuet Salchichon

Assorted Italian sausages

219.00грн. 260.00 г

Crispy toast made of white bread, with fresh tomatoes and Feta cheese

Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and Pesto sauce 3 pcs


Crispy toasts of white bread, with slices of lightly salted salmon, fragrant butter and avocado slice

Bruschetta with salmon and avocado 3 pcs


Classic Italian appetizer with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, with pesto sauce


119.00грн. 185.00 г

Fried slices of mozzarella cheese breaded with tartar sauce

Cheese nuggets


Classic Italian wheat tortilla with Grana Padano cheese, olives and red onion

Focaccia with olives and onions

46.00грн. 220.00 г

Classic Italian wheat flatbread with Grana Padano cheese

Focaccia with Provencal herbs

44.00грн. 200.00 г


Focaccia with sun-dried tomatoes and capers

49.00грн. 250.00 г

Chilean mussels in shells fried in a creamy wine sauce with herbs

Mussels in shells in a creamy wine sauce 13 pcs


Salmon fillet, cherry tomatoes, cilantro and red onion, seasoned with olive oil and combined with balsamic caviar

Salmon carpaccio

169.00грн. 200.00 г

Breaded tiger prawns with chips and eggs in combination with Parmesan sauce

Tiger prawns in chips breading

144.00грн. 135.00 г

Pickled tiger prawns fried in olive oil, served with sweet and sour sauce Chile

Tiger prawns with chili sauce, 5 pcs

144.00грн. 95.00 г

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