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Revival of the Legend -20%

August promotion! Rebirth of a legend!

-20% discount on Grimbergen beer

“According to legend, Grimbergen beer was first brewed in 1128 in Grimbergen Abbey, located near Brussels (Belgium). Since then, the abbey burned three times – in 1142, 1566 and 1798 and three times rose from the ashes. The stone walls were erected again and the recipe for abbot’s beer was revived. That is why to this day the motto of Grimbergen beer is the words on the label – “Ardet nec consumitur”, which translates from Latin as “Burned but not destroyed”. Today it is held in several production centers: in Belgium and France.
In Ukraine “Grimbergen” is presented by three grades which are on sale both in kegs, and in bottles: Grimbergen Blanche, Grimbergen Blonde and Grimbergen Double-Ambree »

Grimbergen Blanche (light) is presented in the Al Dente trattoria

Come to us for a glass of frothy soft drink, try the legendary taste!

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