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The Cooking At Home

New Project “Cooking at Home”!

🔥You are in quarantine and you want to diversify your life?
🔥Do you want to surprise your loved ones with an interesting dish prepared with your own hands?
🔥Do you want to reveal the secrets of cooking dishes from restaurants?
🔥Do you want to spend a lot of time cooking and searching for food?
🔥Are you tired of buckwheat? !!!

Then for you, we have a new option, dishes from Trattoria Al Dente, in a state of semi-finished products, with a step-by-step recipe from our Chef.

You can place an order on our website and we will deliver it throughout Kharkov.

😎 With the project “Cooking at home” you can cook:

– Delicious baked salmon steak with vegetables!
– Unusual creamy seafood soup!
– Veal steak with new potatoes as in a restaurant!
– And much more!

💕 Discover your love of cooking !!!
After all, now a delicious dinner at home is possible in 15 minutes !!!

And thanks to this project, we will now be able to bring the joy of delicious food to any region of Kharkov, because now delivery does not affect the quality of the food.

# Trattoria Al Dente delivery Kharkov!

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