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Every Monday and Tuesday at Al Dente Trattoria, the Day of Unlimited Beer *!

The price of “unlimited” beer only 100 UAH!

Which side do you choose – Dark or Light, your desire? And can you choose two sides at once?

Come, choose, and drink as much as you want!

* The event takes place every Monday and Tuesday, during the month of March.
* Golden El (light) or Dunkel (dark) beer in 0,5l glasses is taught in Promotion
* When buying “unlimited” for 100 UAH, it is necessary to choose the type of beer, for which the “unlimited” Dark or Light operates. If you want both varieties, then the payment goes for both “unlimited”.
* Unlimited terms do not apply to takeaway beer.
* For each subsequent glass, you must finish the previous one
* Each “Unlimited” is valid, only for one person, if “unlimited” is used by several persons, then the account automatically includes the participation of all who use the “unlimited” service
Promotion conditions are not combined with other discounts
* Promotion is valid for adults 18+ only

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