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Opening of the summer terrace

💥 From May 12, the summer terrace of Trattoria Al Dente is open again! 🎉

Operating mode from 12: 00-23: 00

✅ Dear visitors, now you can once again enjoy our cozy atmosphere, meet a friend you have not seen for a long time, and just relax from everything, as well as taste our delicious food.


– Reception of orders on the summer playground is done only remotely, for this, you can use our electronic menu or order by phone, below;

– Orders are transferred without contact with the client, on a special rack;

– Distance between tables not less than 1,5 m, behind each table – no more than 2 persons;

– At the entrance you can use our antiseptics;

– Orders are issued only in disposable utensils and closed containers;

– Employees comply with sanitary requirements and work in personal protective equipment.

– Smoking on the summer terrace is prohibited during quarantine! ⠀

💃We are waiting for you in our trattoria Al Dente.
Charge yourself with a good mood, rest and delicious dishes!

Trattoria Al Dente
📍Ac. Proskury, 3B
☎️ 067-610-16-16
☎️ 093-088-00-62
☎️ 095-601-65-47

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The Cooking At Home

New Project “Cooking at Home”!

🔥You are in quarantine and you want to diversify your life?
🔥Do you want to surprise your loved ones with an interesting dish prepared with your own hands?
🔥Do you want to reveal the secrets of cooking dishes from restaurants?
🔥Do you want to spend a lot of time cooking and searching for food?
🔥Are you tired of buckwheat? !!!

Then for you, we have a new option, dishes from Trattoria Al Dente, in a state of semi-finished products, with a step-by-step recipe from our Chef.

You can place an order on our website and we will deliver it throughout Kharkov.

😎 With the project “Cooking at home” you can cook:

– Delicious baked salmon steak with vegetables!
– Unusual creamy seafood soup!
– Veal steak with new potatoes as in a restaurant!
– And much more!

💕 Discover your love of cooking !!!
After all, now a delicious dinner at home is possible in 15 minutes !!!

And thanks to this project, we will now be able to bring the joy of delicious food to any region of Kharkov, because now delivery does not affect the quality of the food.

# Trattoria Al Dente delivery Kharkov!

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Grill Spring -25%

Grill Spring and – 25% off on Company Networks!

“It wasn’t so sad, because you can’t go out with your friends for a picnic,
we decided to bring it home to you! Convenient, fast and safe!

We hope you are quarantined and not going to many friends even at home. But if you have a large family or you just love delicious meat. Yes for you

🍖A also delicious new grill menu:
– fried spicy kebab
– delicious grilled sausages
– juicy classic steaks
– and grilled vegetables with smoke!

🍷Also, you can choose drinks at store prices.

СеAll this can be ordered on our website with DELIVERY !!! Fast, convenient and delicious with the Al Dente Trattoria.

Proskur Street, 3B (067-610-16-16)

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Пасхальний Панеттоне від Траттории Al Dente

Наші пасхальні Панеттоне!🐇🍃

🌟Відкриваємо передзамовлення на смачні Кулічі від нашої тратторії Al Dente

👌Наша шеф-повар зробила неймовірно красиві та смачні Кулічі для Світлого Дня Великої Пасхи!

Для Вас здобні, запашні паски з цікавими начинками та рецептом.


Трьох видів та дизайну:
– з ананасами, цукатами та білими родзинками
(зверху прикрашені зефірками та печивом у формі ананаса)

– з в’яленою журавлиною, цукатами та родзинками
(зверху прикрашені зефірками та печивом у формі пасхальних яєчок)

– з цукатами та білим родзинками
(зверху прикрашені зефірками та печивом у формі заячих вушок)

Кожна паска упакована в спеціальну коробку.

☝️І коштує така краса-смакота 194 грн 500г шт!

Передзамовити такі Кулічі-Панеттоне дуже просто за тел. 067-610-16-16

🎊Будьте здорові та щасливих свят!
Ваша Тратторія Al Dante 🌺


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Movie Dinner 15.03

Cinema on the big screen

Movie of the evening “Cruel Intentions”

and special menus:

Salad with chicken liver in bacon and caramelized pear sauce
Seafood Stew with Cream Sauce
Glass of sparkling wine

And all this, for a nominal fee of 170 UAH

How do you want to spend the evening in a cozy atmosphere and try something new and tasty, make your evening non-standard and interesting, then come to us on 03.15 for a movie dinner at 19:30

Reservation by tel. 067-610-16-16

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Cinema Dinner 09.03 19:30

And we continue to celebrate the holiday for women.

And today we do it on the big screen with Cinema.

Evening movie “The Devil Wears Prado”

and special menus:

Poached egg salad and bacon chips
Baked chicken fillet with Dutch sauce
Glass of sparkling wine

If you want to spend the evening in a cozy atmosphere and try something new and tasty, make your evening out of the ordinary and interesting, then come to us 09.03 for Cinema Dinner.

Reservation of seats by tel. 067-610-16-16

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Every Monday and Tuesday at Al Dente Trattoria, the Day of Unlimited Beer *!

The price of “unlimited” beer only 100 UAH!

Which side do you choose – Dark or Light, your desire? And can you choose two sides at once?

Come, choose, and drink as much as you want!

* The event takes place every Monday and Tuesday, during the month of March.
* Golden El (light) or Dunkel (dark) beer in 0,5l glasses is taught in Promotion
* When buying “unlimited” for 100 UAH, it is necessary to choose the type of beer, for which the “unlimited” Dark or Light operates. If you want both varieties, then the payment goes for both “unlimited”.
* Unlimited terms do not apply to takeaway beer.
* For each subsequent glass, you must finish the previous one
* Each “Unlimited” is valid, only for one person, if “unlimited” is used by several persons, then the account automatically includes the participation of all who use the “unlimited” service
Promotion conditions are not combined with other discounts
* Promotion is valid for adults 18+ only

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French Spring from March 1-31

Do you like oysters or have you never tried them? !!!

Then for you the main action of March in Trattoria Al Dente

All of March, when ordering a glass of French sparkling wine Blanc de Blanc, Baron d’Arignac oyster Fin de Clair 4, AS A GIFT !!!

Have time to feel the French spring in Trattoria Al Dente by tasting oysters and at the same time free

Details and booking tables by phone 0676101616

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“Everything for you …” 08.03 19.00

International Women’s Day!

Women are something incredible, so imagine the world without them? Something empty and sad, say?

Women are the decoration of the world, they are emotions and this is a holiday they can create in one go.

So this party is for you! Tonight you will be able to:

– Dance to the merry rhythms of DJ music

– Make beautiful photos in the spring photo zone

– Participate in interesting competitions and win prizes

– Taste European cuisine

– Make the mood playful with champagne

– And to win presents from our partners in the evening

Well, are you ready for the brightest and most fun party?

Then book your seats by phone: +380 67 610 1616


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