French Chords 07.03 19:00 | Trattoria Al DENTE
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French Chords 07.03 19:00

This evening you will find a cozy and romantic atmosphere of five feelings.

This evening is also dedicated to women.

Therefore, we will make such an atmosphere that you will plunge into happiness with a French accent.

The first is hearing – playful live accordion music with French motifs that goes straight to the soul.

The second is the view – the halls are decorated with festive decor, a photographic area, fresh flowers and, indeed, the beauty of our women.

The third taste is the taste of our European cuisine, it is something! We recommend trying French oysters!

The fourth is the sense of smell – it is responsible for our wines, champagne, and the author’s teas, tasting right you first hear the aroma and then their taste.

But then, touch. Touch who you can come with this evening. The touch of a loved one, and the touch of a friend’s soul when talking.

All this will create a picture of the French atmosphere and will take you for a few moments in a magical journey from which you do not want to return.

Do you want a French holiday for yourself and your loved ones?

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