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Dishes of Italian cuisine in the Trattoria Al Dente with delivery in Kharkov or Take away

Orders for Delivery and Take away can be placed

on our website or by phone: 
067 610 16 16

from 11:00 to 19:30

Zone I Alekseevka

within 1.5 km (by air) of Trattoria Al Dente

for 60 minutes.

Zone I Zhukovsky (not working now)

within 2 km (by air) of Trattoria Al Dente

for 60 minutes.

Shipping cost:

Zone I Alekseevka

Cost of delivery

is 40 UAH

Zone I Zhukovsky

You can find out the conditions and cost of delivery to other areas by phone: 067 610 16 16

The concept of zones and which districts they include can be found on an interactive map, where Zone I Alekseevka is highlighted in blue and Zone I Zhukovsky is green.

Delivery for a specific time
When placing an order for a specific time, delivery is carried out with a possible deviation from the specified time within 10-15 minutes.
Delivery on time can be accepted if the delivery time is within the starting time of Trattoria Al Dente in the current day and plus 60 minutes.

Orders placed before the opening hours of Trattoria Al Dente will be processed 15 minutes before the start of the working day.

We offer three payment options:
- online payment on the website when placing an order using the payment system;
- in cash to the courier (only for Zone I Zhukovsky);

- payment for delivery through a bank terminal to the courier (only for Zone I Zhukovsky).

Unforeseen situation
If the courier, upon arrival at the point, could not contact you within 10 minutes, then the order is returned to Trattoria Al Dente, and if communication with the customer is restored after this time, then delivery is repeated, with a delivery surcharge equal to the cost of delivery for a given area.
When you pay for an order on the website, through the payment system, and refuse it, the refund occurs within 5 working days according to the terms of the payment system.